Illuminated River

My Walk

I’d heard and read about the Illuminated River artwork project that looked to illuminate 9 bridges from Lambeth to London as a coordinated piece of public artwork, so I decided I have to see this. Additionally, I knew that Albert, Chelsea & Tower Bridges were illuminated, independent of the Illuminated River artwork. I weighed up the risks of travelling to London as the Omicron COVID variant reached our shores and argued that as long as I steered clear of buses and tubes in central London, I should hopefully be OK, especially as I had been triple-jabbed.


So it was that in the end I went to London 3 times before & after Christmas armed with my camera and tripod to see and try to capture the beauty of this artwork. For the sake of completeness, I also took in Albert, Chelsea and Tower Bridges on my walks.

Thankfully, my luck at not contracting the dreaded virus held good!


Swan Upping
Island Gardens to Bow  Creek