My 2020 Walks


I completed the 184 mile Thames Path from The Thames Barrier to the source at Thames Head by breaking it down into 19 sections. Had it not been for the flooding in March, I would have completed the trail in 18 sections. 

Additionally, I completed the north bank Thames Path walk through London by breaking that down into 3 sections.

For each section of path walked, I've written a description of the walk and added a gallery of photos taken on that walk. Just click or tap on any of the 22 photos below to be taken to the page for the selected section. My original intention was to keep the descriptions short and let the photos do the talking. However, I got so engrossed with finding out facts and histories about things along the way, that I've now turned into a bit of a Thames nerd. Having amassed this knowledge, I felt it only fair to share with anyone who might be interested! 

All but a couple of photos were taken on my phone's camera. The photo galleries are best viewed on a PC, laptop or tablet. However, the package I used to develop this website also creates a mobile version of it that allows you to use a pinch action to expand & contract photos. 

All my photos are free to download or share, as long as you don't use them for any financial gain. I am also very happy for this website to be shared on social media or embedded in other sites.

COVID-19 managed to spoil some of my photos of locks. At the height of the COVID pandemic, metal security barriers were erected at locks with the aim of keeping lock keepers and boaters safe from the public who otherwise would have free access to the locks. Sadly the photos of many of the locks look like there are building works being carried out. As one lock keeper said to me "You'll just have to do the walk again next year!". 


Thames Barrier to London Bridge


Richmond to Hampton Court


Windsor to Bourne End


Sonning to Tilehurst


Dorchester to Abingdon


Eynsham to Tadpole Bridge


Cricklade to the Source


Barnes Bridge to Teddington Lock - North Bank


London Bridge to Putney


Hampton Court to Staines


Bourne End to Henley


Tilehurst to Cholsey


Abingdon to Oxford


Tadpole Bridge to Lechlade


Island Gardens to London Bridge - North Bank


Putney to Richmond


Windsor to Staines


Henley to Sonning


Cholsey to Dorchester


Oxford to Eynsham 


Lechlade to Cricklade


London Bridge to Barnes Bridge - North Bank

I detail below the approximate length of path covered for each section. As I was having to travel to the start and from the end of each walk, I did a lot of additional walking each day; you'd be amazed how far you walk just transferring from the train at Kings Cross to the Victoria Line! On top of this I did quite a bit of exploring, back tracking etc each day. My Henley to Sonning was an extreme example where I did so much extra walking caused by the flooding of the path. For Sonning to Tilehurst, I walked from Tilehurst to Sonning and then all the way back again. 

My FitBit records steps & distances from midnight to midnight each day. Assuming it's correct, rather than walking 184 miles from The Thames Barrier to the source, I covered 281 miles on the days of my walks. Similarly, I walked 45 miles rather than 31 for the London north bank walks. Finally, I did an extra 79 miles on the walks I repeated. 


I hope you enjoy reading my stories and looking at my photos. Hopefully they will inspire you to do something similar in 2021 (once we're allowed to). Walking is just so good for you, both physically and mentally. I had such a great time completing these walks and can't wait to start a new challenge in 2021.